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How many players can there be in the program?

Each boys and girls team (JV and Varsity) can have up to 24 rostered players for each game, however, the program may opt to carry more players to account for injuries and such throughout the season.

It is possible that, if we don't have full rosters, some players may play both JV and varsity games in a given night. MSHSL does limit the number of game periods each player can participate in on a daily and seasonal basis.

How Much Does it Cost to Play?

There are two areas to consider regarding the cost of playing lacrosse - the season fees, and the equipment.

Big Lake High School sets its participation fees annually. Based on current (2020-21 fee structure), the cost of providing the program would be pretty much covered if each program (boys and girls) had full varsity and JV rosters (48 players). When we have fewer players than that, we (the Booster Club) step in with fundraising efforts and, as a last resort, additional player fees, to cover the cost of the program each season.

The second area of cost is the equipment. As of now, players provide all of their own equipment, and we have been able to take advantage of team buying options for the boys (and girls goalie) helmets to get them at significantly below retail. The good news about owning your own gear is that you do not have to buy anything additional if you participate in any non-MSHSL clubs or tournaments. The actual cost of the gear that players would need to provide is dependent on the quality of the gear you choose, but the following list gives you a bit of a retail price range for different items:
Sticks (boys or girls): $70-200+
Cleats (boys or girls): $70-120
Gloves (boys): $85-170
Shoulder pads (boys): $90-150
Arm guards (boys): $40-75
Helmets (boys): $150-300
Goggles (girls): $40-100

What is covered by the high school/booster club fees?

The fees that are assessed to each player, either via the school or the booster club, cover the basic costs of running the program, including:

-Coaches salaries: One Varsity HC and assistant coaches. The number of assistant coaches is based on the projected number of players in each program (boys and girls), with a minimum of two coaches (HC and AC), targeting approximately a 1:12 coach to player ratio. The salaries paid are based on the current Big Lake Schools teacher contract.

- Officials for home games

- Bussing for players for away games

- Replacement uniforms

Notice that this budget does not include any team level equipment, like rebounders or lacrosse balls. This is where booster club fundraising kicks in after helping to regulate player fees.


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